Services & Specialties

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  • Market & Social Research

        • Consumer Behavioral Trend Analysis

        • Ethnographic Research

        • Policy Impact Guaging

        • Media Assimilation Research

        • Socio-Political Demographics

  • Advertising Platforms

        • National Print (Newspapers, Magazines)

        • Event based promotions

        • Multiplex Cinemas

        • Point of Sale campaigns

  • Satellite & Cable TV

        • Research based slot bookings for maximum impact

        • Cross media supplementary campaigns

        • Optimum ROI by keeping track of seasonal discounts, Bouquet packages & monitoring competition campaigns




We believe that a small change in the viewpoint along the journey of our connections & communications can lead to results that would otherwise require paradigm change & efforts. We aim at a scenario where the clichéd mutually benificial encapsulates things beyond the corporate goals.

Mursil Media aims to be an ethnic marketing specialist; particularly focussing on the Muslim perspective in South East Asia.

We strategically provide for mainstream companies and organizations to connect & interact with this diverse ethnic minority, and to cater for the demand of an ever-diversifying market.

It has been felt that the penetration of the content and presentation of this ethical group is much less than the ratio of their population.

We are sure that in addition to the ethical spirit of this statement, together with our partners, clients and professionals, we will, God willing, also make a better business statement. We passionately say that this statement is not only compatible but advantageous in today’s dynamic market.

The use of imagery in marketing campaigns for this community has been overly stereotypical. A paradigm shift is necessary for the changing socio-cultural politics of representation.