ABOUT Lonewolf Information Systems Services L.L.C.

Founded in August First 1997 , As Lonewolf Enterprises , In Indianapolis, Indiana

As a Re-branding Effort to Capture IT Services Focus We've began to Name Change Efforts, As well We have begun S Corp Fillings for the State of Delaware as it is Advantageous and would cause Less Disruptive losses to operations Should LWIS move out Of Indiana .

Founded as a Simple Information Technology Consultancy , and IT Outsourcing Sub-vendor

{I/We Provider the blood Sweet and tears , IE Labor skills Knowledge, other outsourcing vendors provided Clients to Service and or The End Client Schmoozing, Sales support}

We have our Own Clientele as well as work with Larger Outsourcing Vendors and Either in Direct Employment or in Partnerships.

We Began Servicing Small To medium Sized Business Start-ups and Medium Sized Firms , whom Often could not Afford Larger IT Vendors , And Since I/We were Simple undergraduate and now Graduate / Doctoral Students , we Could Afford to Charge Far Less than others. IT-HIPPA Compliance Audits for the Dentist Office Start-ups , Providing the Basics of Website Development And Marketing Tutoring to Friends of Friends Starting-up their Very own INC. Installing Small Business Networks for New Offices .

We Have Grown To Offer IT Security Services to Local Firms In Indianapolis IN, Surrounding Communities and The Mid-west In General.

Soon We Expect to Offer Full Computer And Network Forensics Capabilities to Support Law-Enforcement as well As the Legal Services Communities and Expert witness capabilities , for now We provide Forensic Recovery Services in Our IT Security Services Line.